Coach D.J. Nimphius

D.J. Nimphius was a key driving force in the incredible success of both the Football and Track programs in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

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D.J. coached football and track and taught history in Glen Rock from the fall of 1992 through the spring of 2004. These were the salad days for both football and track.

He was a position coach under Hall of Famer Coach Paul White and was made “O” Coordinator when Paul stepped aside and Hall of Fame inductee Al Deaett became Head Coach in 1995. The football program then began an ascending run that culminated in five successive State Sectional Group championships (1998-2002).

D.J. attended a seminar given by legendary coach Darrel “Mouse” Davis and brought the Run and Shoot offense home to Glen Rock. The Panthers learned to spread the field with four wideouts and to execute a deadly passing attack. In the 1999 season the football team set a state record by scoring 579 points (48 per game) while allowing only 95 points (8 per game) led by Hall of Famers Grant Adams, Mark Hannon, Scott Stephen and Evan Tryforos.

On the running track, D.J. was the Head Coach for the girls spring program from 1993 through 2004. He and fellow Hall of Famer Paul White, the boys coach, ran the programs closely together and by event, stressing positive reinforcement and encouragement. D.J. would prepare a handwritten note for each athlete before a meet with race instructions and a personal message, his unique way to communicate with every team member. After coaching in Glen Rock, D.J. went on to become the Head Football Coach at River Dell High School where he continues his winning ways.